Letter to the Editor: Re Chris Spence

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Letter to the Editor
Toronto Star
Printed Jan 22, 2013 ‘TDSB set fine example’

Re ‘Chris Spence a role model who failed’ by Desmond Brown and ‘Respected deputy to
replace Spence’ by Kristin Rushowy

For nine years I was a trustee at the former Toronto of Education. I worked with three
directors of education and was much involved in the Board’s equity initiatives, most of
which were continued by the Toronto District School Board.

While the TDSB has experienced one of its most traumatic periods since the forced
amalgamation in 1997, the fact that the senior team has included Chris Spence, Donna
Quan and many others with a clear focus on equity is something the TDSB should be
proud of.

It takes both political and administrative will to implement an equity agenda in a complex
institution like the TDSB. The board chaired by trustee Chris Bolton should hold their
heads high for setting a fine example for other institutions to follow.

Implementing policies like employment equity and employee diversity is not any one
person’s job, nor is it any one community’s responsibility. We all have a stake in it and
must do all we can to build on each other’s work for the sake of all our children.

Tam Goossen, Toronto

– Tam Goossen is the Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Urban Alliance on Race Relations

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