UARR Response to SIU Charges Against Toronto Police Service Officer in Death of Sammy Yatim

Bravo to the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) for conducting his investigation and pressing second degree murder charges on Const. James Forcillo. No one is above the law!

We hope all the facts will be uncovered and that justice will be served in the court of law, whether it it be a trial by judge or jury.

Full details of the SIU announcement is available online at and

It was approximately one week ago on Tuesday, August 13th, 2013 that the Urban Alliance on Race Relations, The Ontario Federation of Labour and families of several victims of lethal force by police hosted a press conference, which was followed by a rally to push for greater public oversight of policing, police accountability, better training and implementation of recommendations from inquests, investigations, and the Saving Lives: Alternatives to the Use of Lethal Force by Police report among many others.

The Urban Alliance on Race Relations also published an opinions commentary seeking to Make Public Oversight of Police Training a Priority


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