Making Noise @Humber Healthy Relationships Workshop



Being a student in the Bachelor of Child and Youth Care program, I learn and deal with relationships and the importance of healthy relationships in an individual’s life on a daily basis. This workshop was a recap of what I have previously learned in my program, it furthered my knowledge on relationships and the importance of them.

Healthy relationships are important because they help an individual feel that they have support and encouragement and they allow people to feel that they belong. When we have someone that we can talk to, that understands us we feel a connection and closeness, this is necessary for human survival.

Humans are social beings and relationships are necessary for healthy living, whether you want one or not; we all have relationships with people around us they can be healthy or not healthy. Self-identity and how you see yourself is based on others opinions and ideas of how you are, this is formed through relationships.

Knowing how to create and maintain a healthy relationship is a basic life skill and it is essential in having a fulfilling life. Relationships can be with peers, friends, family, colleagues, or romantically. Formations of romantic relationships are considered to be one of the most important developmental milestones for adolescence.

This workshop further explained characteristics of a healthy relationship and non-healthy relationships. This is helpful because as a student in a Child and Youth Care program I will be dealing with children that have had problems in their overall relationships with other people; therefore understanding and learning characteristics of what a healthy relationship looks like is very beneficial to me.

Everything that I learned through this workshop can support me in my future as I am going into a career where I will need to fully understand relationships and the importance of them, as well as how they affect an individuals behaviours and thought processes. Through this workshop, I learned that the best way to interact with youth whom have had issues with their relationships is to teach them what a healthy relationship looks like and why it is important for them to have. I can explain to them the characteristics of a healthy relationship so that they know who in their life is bringing them up rather than down.

This workshop helped me understand that while in a relationship one must never neglect their own needs, they must put themselves first. Fully loving yourself is vital in relationships. Learning how to discuss and respect opinions of others and how to compromise can help youth better the relationships that they have.

If I was not in the Child and Youth Care program and was not already educated in healthy relationships this workshop would have been very beneficial and educational. There is a great importance in understanding healthy relationships because it leads to healthy living. Now, that I have even further knowledge of relationships I can use it in my career path and teach youth that I work with how to develop healthy relationships. This workshop was thought provoking and inspiring it made me realize the importance of the career I am entering.

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