Law Society of Upper Canada Dec 6th Keynote Address

Left to Right: Ekua Quansah, Associate Counsel, Equity Initiatives Law Society of Upper Canada, Céline Massaroni, Equity Initiatives Administrator at the Law Society, Margaret Hagement, UARR Board Member, Ashley McFarlane, Program Development Coordinator at UARR, André Brazeau, Government and Stakeholder Relations Advisor at the Law Society.

The Urban Alliance on Race Relations was invited to the Law Society of Upper Canada on December 6th to deliver a Keynote address on the Making Noise Project in commemoration of the National Day of Remembers and Action on Violence Against Women. The event, one of hundreds occuring around the country, was held in honour of the 14 women who were murdered at L’Ecole Polytechnique on December 6th, 1989.  Ashley McFarlane  spoke about the work UARR was doing around addressing and preventing gender-based violence in post-secondary institutions with the Making Noise @Humber project. Board member Margaret Hagemen discussed the work of the organization as it relates to the intersection of race relations, employment, coalition building, policing, feminism, and education. Attendees had a lot of questions and follow up discussion for the presenters at the end. It was a great event that fostered the meeting of two very influential groups for an important day.

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