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Race & Justice in Toronto

January 23, 2014

Global Cities Institute Justice-in-Toronto-2014-lectures

Public Forum | Race & Justice in Toronto

January 30, 2014, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm, Room 103, FitzGerald Building, 150 College St., Toronto

The Justice in Toronto Lecture Series, sponsored by the University of Toronto Global Cities Institute, begins 2014 with a lecture on Race and Justice in Toronto, featuring Gary Pieters, President of Toronto’s Urban Alliance on Race Relations, and Scot Wortley, a Professor at the Centre for Criminology and Socio-legal Studies at the University of Toronto.


This lecture series aims to address some sources of injustice in Toronto and propose ways to make the city more just. In each event, an academic scholar has been paired with a city activist. Future lectures will look at Justice in Housing (February 27), Employment & Justice in Toronto (March 27), and Education & Justice in Toronto (April 17). For more information, visit

Criminalizing of Blacks through Police Carding Criticized

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