Criminalizing of Blacks through Police Carding Criticized

Criminalizing of Blacks through Police Carding Criticized pdf file of article


Criminalizing of Blacks through Police Carding Criticized


Young members of the community are being criminalized every day by the alleged racial profiling and carding being carried out by Toronto Police and the practice has to be stopped, says a long-time human rights worker.

The controversial practice violates the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, said Gary Pieters, president of the Urban Alliance on Race Relations, which has been fighting against the issue for years.

“We feel that this is a significant human rights issue,” Pieters said. “We believe this is also a violation of international law and treaties.”

Pieters and University of Toronto professor Dr. Scot Wortley were keynote speakers at a Justice in Toronto Lecture Series last weekend at the FitzGerald Building on College St. The well-attended event examined injustice in Toronto and ways to make things better.

Pieters says he is concerned that racial profiling can lead to distrust against police by young people who are singled out for police checks.

“Young people are getting criminalized by the practice,” Pieters told Share “Bias policing must end and it is up to community groups to raise public awareness.”

He claims Black community members have been racially profiled by police for decades.

“We have to make this a public interest issue,” he said. “We have to make people aware of what is going on around them.”

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