Police Literacy Initiative


Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 marks the end of the Policing Literacy Initiative campaign and they have already surpassed their goal of $7500. PLI expressed thanks to all who ensured that their vision was achieved through the financial contributions to the campaign, sharing it with your networks, or simply showing an encouraging interest in our work.

Looking ahead, in March the PLI will be filming their documentary about the effects of the practice of ‘carding’ on trust between police and communities in Toronto. They will screen and discuss their documentary at the Policing Literacy Initiative forum on the afternoon of April 26 at Toronto City Hall.

PCI logo
Are you concerned about ‘carding’ and other forms of racial discrimination? Do you want to be involved in sending a powerful message on current policing in Toronto?  Well, here’s the opportunity: Police Literacy Initiative is a group of 20 youth leaders, not affiliated with any organization, who are working at a grassroots level on better ways for Toronto’s finest ‘To Serve and Protect’: PLI is exploring better ways for police to interact with stigmatized communities and provide tools that make citizens out of victims of racial profiling.
PLI raising money for a website and a documentary on this timely issue. PCI is a positive response on racial discrimination. Support this documentary at: www.indiegogo.com/projects/policing-literacy-initiative
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