On what Making Noise @Humber meant… “Words of Wisdom” by Megan Fitzgerald

“Words of Wisdom” by Megan Fitzgerald, student representative, Making Noise @Humber

making noise by Yannickantonphotography.tumblr.com -1247

“Hi. My name is Megan Fitzgerald, and I am a member of the Making Noise @ Humber student committee. I was placed with the project through my program’s field practicum.

I’m going to be very honest with you. Before I was placed with Making Noise, I had never heard of the project, I didn’t know what it was or what it was for. However, I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and I now know that this was a blessing in disguise for me. I don’t say that because we got free food and really cool t-shirts. I say it because it gave me the opportunity to work with and learn from some amazing people passionate to speak out about this important topic.

During our first semester, we committee members were presented with workshops, learning from agencies across the GTA about various topics under the umbrella of gender-based violence, spanning from human rights to masculinity to women stereotypes. Through these workshops, we were provided with the basic, yet thorough, knowledge needed to better understand gender-based violence, as well as given tools and resources to recreate these presentations to the public.

I could never have imagined that a placement could impact me in so many ways. Not many people can say that they are happy to wake up on Mondays to go to school when they don’t even have class. I guess I was lucky that way. Working with this project really helped me gain perspective on what was going on around me. Personally, it even gave me the strength to end unhealthy relationships in my own life and grow as a person.

That is the power of this project. It is not about snapping your fingers and saying “stop” and expecting the violence to end there. I’m sure if it was that simple, someone would’ve done it a long time ago. It is about walking down the hallway and hearing someone make a racist comment or a sexist comment and being able to stop, be aware, and ask yourself what you can do to help that person. That is what this project is about, and that is why it is a great starting point.

It is a startling statistic that 1 in 3 women will be abused in their lifetime, in any shape or form. One woman is one too many! I feel like it is important for me, not just as a female, but as a female who has been affected by gender-based violence to speak out in order to get the message across that you are not alone, and you are not to blame. It is so easy to turn it around and believe that we got what we deserved, but you must know that that will never be the case.

You still have a voice, and that voice is so precious, for it is with that voice that you can begin making noise to raise awareness for the prevention of gender-based violence. That is the power of this project, and that is why I am so blessed and so proud to say that I am a part of Making Noise @ Humber!”

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