Bromley L. Armstrong Award Dinner

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Honouring Herman StewartOnce again, as is our yearly tradition, The Urban Alliance on Race Relations attended the Bromley L. Armstrong Award Dinner on Friday May 30th, 2014, hosted by the Equity Committee of the Toronto & York Region Labour Council.

The Bromley L. Armstrong Award “was established by the Labour Council in 2005 to celebrate the life and achievements of Bromley Armstrong, a pioneer labour and human rights activist”. (Source:

This year’s award recipient, Herman Stewart, has been a long standing unionist as well as a Past President of the Jamaican Canadian Association.

Congratulations Mr. Herman Stewart!

The evening also featured a preview of a short documentary “Welcome to Dresden”. It provided a 1950s civil rights narrative of how Bromley Armstrong, Ruth Lor Malloy, Hugh Bennett and two students from the University of Toronto ‘tested’ the Fair Accommodations Practices Act in Dresden Ontario in the 1954. In 1954, they entered a restaurants in Dresden, Ontario and the business establishments refused to serve them. At that time, the Toronto Telegram (now the Toronto Star) and other media outlets provided coverage of their experiences of discrimination in not receiving services and placed the spotlight on some of the discriminatory practices that existed in the service industry and other business establishments.

Bromley Armstrong also lamented on the manifestations of racism and intolerance that are currently affecting our society by touching on issues including the racially motivated incident at Sutton District High School; the racially insensitive flyer that targeted the Sikh population in Brampton, and the plight of Canada’s First nations Peoples in their ongoing quest for justice (eg: Failure of the First Nations Education Bill).

P1070141L-R: UARR Past President Sharon Simpson, UARR Founding Member Bromley L. Armstrong, Guest – Name to be added, UARR President Gary Pieters, Toronto & York Region Labour Council President John Cartwright


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