Documentary Screening on Carding

Crisis of Distrust: Police and Community in Toronto – Thursday, June 5th from 6pm-8pm., 2 Carlton St., Unit 1001

Interested in ‘carding’? That’s the police practice of targeting young black men for no good reason and gathering personal information that is kept on record indefinitely. It’s been in the news lately, making the Toronto Police rethink this policy, but it’s still largely in place.

UARR is working in coalition to keep an eye on how the new policy is playing out on the ground, and working with other interested groups to do popular education for people to know and understand their rights and to discuss what community policing should really look like. Many of us feel that ‘carding’ is a form of racial profiling that needs to go.

Find out more about carding, from the ‘street view’ of people and communities who have been carded. This independent documentary, “Crisis of Distrust: Police and Community in Toronto” is insightful, and worth watching.

Join us! this doc screening is free and it will be followed by a panel of the filmmakers and community activists.


To register:

Profile of ‘Crisis of Distrust’ Documentary Maker Dan Epstein, MFA Doc Media’13, Ryerson University

Event is free – Venue is accessible – Refreshments will be served
For more information on Policing Literacy Initiative see

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