Toronto Hosts World Pride Focussed on Human Rights for LGBT Across the Globe!

Toronto Hosts World Pride Focussed on Human Rights for LGBT people across the Globe!

UARR salutes World Pride!

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered people are everywhere, but not every place is safe for LGBT people. UARR recognizes that marginalized people and allies need to work together to organize for human rights – for safe streets, fair workplaces and security of person.

We will attend as many events as possible that provide an opportunity to reflect, learn and engage on the issues that matter most to LGBT people and their allies.



fmjf143yspUARR President Gary Pieters attended this LGBT Youth Solidarity Forum which featured presentations, panel discussions, audience discussions and sharing circle, and the announcement of the mural design winner of the Youth Solidarity Project Competition (Pablo Munoz – Congrats!)

tobeseenUARR President Gary Pieters attended this photographic exhibit which featured portraits of community organizing, advocacy, and the lived experiences of LGBT people across the globe

Book Review

Source: Toronto Public Library: Who’s Reading What Series

Book cover
It Gets Better is focused on sexual orientation, gender identity and ways that people of all walks of life self-identify or have navigated their identities as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender or questioning (LGBTQ) and created inclusive, positive and safe spaces in their various communities. Many issues were identified in the more than 100 messages, stories and narratives including physical and non-physical violence, homophobia, resilience, networks of support, finding one’s voice, peer interactions and the need for role models. The authors also provided examples of ongoing social changes that have resulted in a more inclusive and positive society in the North American context for LGBTQ people. The book serves as an inspiration at a time when many LGBTQ young people whose identity development and social location around their sexual orientation, or gender expression matters. Knowing that some of our young people are LGBTQ, the book retells the experiences of other LGBTQ people on how they were able to navigate their families, friends, schools and other spaces. The book raises awareness on so many levels of some of the opportunities and in other cases, challenges of coming out. As Toronto hosts World Pride in June 2014, this book is an insightful read.

Also available in these formats:

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