CTV Urged to Address, Correct & Prevent Anti-Asian Racial Bias

CTV Urged to Address, Correct & Prevent Anti-Asian Racial Bias

Friday July 25th, 2014

Mr. Phil King
CTV Programming

Dear Mr. King,

Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter and the Urban Alliance on Race Relations (UARR) are writing this letter jointly requesting that CTV respond to the concerns raised by CCNC Toronto’s Open Letter to the Community on July 18, 2014 as a result of tweets by Mr. Brent Piaskoski, executive producer of CTV’s “Spun Out”.

As reported by Tony Wong of the Toronto Star on July 15, Mr. Piaskoski made a series of racially charged Twitter postings with the Spun Out logo on July 12 aimed at ‘Chinese people’ that he had encountered at the airport and on the flight. These tweets disappeared on July 14. When contacted by the Star, Mr. Piaskoski offered a hasty apology, which he also tweeted. Since the Toronto Star piece, there has been complete silence from CTV and Mr. Piaskoski.

As a reputable Canadian broadcaster with the important responsibility of telling stories that reflect the rich and diverse cultures of our community, CTV and Mr. Piaskoski need to own up to these racist tweets and not hide from this incident.

Indeed CTV and Mr. Piaskoski should reflect on CTV’s own history in relation to the Chinese Canadian community with the broadcast of CTV’s W5 program “Campus Giveaway” on September 30, 1979, which gave rise to the Anti-W5 campaign that not only galvanized the community but also led to the establishment of the Chinese Canadian National Council.

We urge CTV and Mr. Piaskoski to fully examine the racism and xenophobia underlying the tweets and the attitudes that support them. We encourage better engagement and dialogue with the various communities that make up your audience, ongoing anti-oppression training and the development and application of organizational change frameworks regarding this issue. One significant concern for many racialized communities in Toronto, and Canada, is a lack of media representation that is non-tokenistic and non-stereotypical.

We look forward to your reply.

Gary Pieters, Urban Alliance on Race Relations
416.703.6607 ex. 1

May Lui, Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter
416.596.0833 ex. 1


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