UARR Dismayed at Anti-Immigration Flyers Across the GTA

The Urban Alliance on Race Relations is dismayed at the racially motivated anti-immigration flyers being distributed across the Greater Toronto Area.

The most recent flyers were circulated at the York University Campus in the North-West Area of Toronto. See news story Racist flyers circulated at York U campus | Students condemn racist flyers distributed at York University

The problem with Immigration Watch Canada incitement of racial discord is getting bigger and bolder and we urge York University as well as other similar organizations, the Human Rights Bodies and the Police to respond to safeguard the rights of every Canadian to be free from discrimination based on a prohibited ground in the Code including race, ethnicity, place of origin, and/or national origin.

During the previous weeks, flyers with a similar theme and bearing the name of the organization Immigration Watch Canada were also circulated in Brampton with a similar racist message targeted at Sikh Canadians.

We are concerned that the racist incidents directed at the Sikh community in Brampton specifically the distribution of anti-immigration flyers by groups bent on triggering and promoting emotionally charged intolerance and bigotry in our diverse society.

The anti-immigration flyers which were distributed within Brampton in April 2014 and August 2014 clearly demonstrate manifestations of racism within our society.

We condemn the prejudice and discrimination that these flyers are promoting, and urge all within our society to respect the full diversity of the Canadian mosaic, along with the Human Rights Codes; the Charter of Rights and Freedoms; and the Multiculturalism Act.

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