LOOKOUT: A UARR original series

Lookout is new. Every few weeks Lookout will feature an outstanding person – someone who has made a difference in their own life and the lives of others. Email us your story at lookout@urbanalliance.ca.

This is the story of a young refugee who through determination and hard work made it in Canada.

Teklemichael Abebe Sahlemariam came to Canada 9 years ago. A student at Addis Abbaba University, he was the president of the student’s union. He spoke about supporting human rights among other issues. Due to this Abebe had to flee Ethopia. He was finally sponsored by the United Church in Dunbar Heights, Vancouver.

In Canada Abebe worked at just about anything – security guard, cleaner, etc. He also went to university, picking up a law degree and then a masters. He is slated to work as lawyer in Mississauga.

Congratulations Abebe. UARR and it’s members, readers and staff wish you the best.



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