Police Carding: Where we are … and what’s next?

Campaign to Stop Police Carding


Police Carding:

Where we are … and what’s next?

Join us for an evening of conversation with community organizers, lawyers, researchers to identify where we now stand on the issue of Police Carding and what’s next. Get updates, provide feedback and input, and map out next steps!


Special Presentation:  

Neil Price of Logical Outcomes reports on recent carding survey (CAPP) in Jane Finch

Guest Speakers:

Howard Morton: Law Union of Ontario – Updates from Toronto Police Service Board meeting

Shadya Yasin:  York Youth Coalition – Community Organizing

Sunil Gurmukh: Ontario Human Rights Commission

Moderator: Cutty Duncan: Action for Neighbourhood Change- Mount Dennis

Thursday Nov. 27, 2014

6:30-8:00 PM

Metro Hall, 55 John Street

Room 309

Please email us at the following address to register:  StopPoliceCarding@gmail.com

Supported by:

Law Union of Ontario

Justice for Children and Youth

Human Rights Legal Support Centre

Urban Alliance on Race Relations

York Youth Coalition

Action for Neighbourhood Change – Mount Dennis

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