Joint letter to Mr. Phil King, President CTV Programming

November 25th, 2014

Mr Phil King

President CTV Programming


Dear Mr. King,

We are writing to follow up on our letter to you on July 25th and subsequently our meeting with Mr. Brent Piaskoski.

On September 23rd, Mr. Brent Piaskoski came to meet with us to apologize and discuss what individual actions he could take to become more aware of the issues that impact the Chinese Canadian and racialized communities. At this meeting we were also expecting the presence of CTV. We wanted to address the larger issues that were raised in our July letter. As a reputable Canadian broadcaster, CTV has the important responsibility of telling stories that reflect the rich and diverse cultures of our community.

In our letter, we urged not just Mr. Piaskoski but also CTV to examine the racism and xenophobia underlying the tweets and the attitudes that support them. We look upon this as a timely opportunity for CTV to strengthen its organizational resolve and put in place organizational frameworks that would lead to better engagement and dialogue with diverse communities – including your audience as well as sources for creative talent. One significant concern for many racialized communities in Toronto, and Canada, is a lack of media representation that is non-tokenistic and non-stereotypical.

We are looking to see if your organization has policies and practices in place to address discrimination and enforce equity:

  • What are CTV’s guidelines regarding discrimination?
  • Do you have an Equity Policy?
  • Do you have a process to ensure your Equity Policy is enforced?
  • Does your Equity Policy cover employees as well as contract workers?
  • Are your employees who participate in active social media aware of the Equity Policy and are supervised to follow the guidelines and Equity Policy?

We believe these guidelines are essential to acknowledging diversity and adhering to policies and practices that are respectful to all members of the audience you serve.

We look forward to your response.



Chase Lo

Executive Director

Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter


Jason Merai

Executive Director

Urban Alliance on Race Relations

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