UARR Participation in OIPRD/SIU Joint Director’s Resource Committee

UARR President Gary Pieters, along with representatives of key sectors, and community organizations attended the Joint OIPRD/SIU Director’s Resource Committee in Toronto, on Thursday, February 19th, 2015. At the meeting the director of the OIPRD Gerry McNeilly and DIU Director Tony Loparco addressed a number Agenda Items at the Director’s Resource Committee and provided updates on a variety of discussion topics, issues and trends, as well as received questions, and input from participants.

At the meeting Mr. Pieters urged the civilian oversight bodies to consider implementing a regular community consultation/advisory mechanism to receive feedback and discuss concerns on a continuing basis from the public. He also reinforced that it was public advocacy, and public support that led to the creation of these civilian oversight institutions and that it is important that their mandates in the public interest continue to be visible through awareness, information sharing, social media and outreach efforts.

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