UARR Participates in Racism Free Ontario Event at Hosted by CASSA

Event Photos-24Panelists Avvy Go, Ausma Malik, and Gary Pieters discussed about race, justice and education at the 5th annual Racism Free Ontario Forum at the Mid-Scarborough HUB (Photo Credit/Raafay Ali)

On March 21st, 2015, Urban Alliance on Race Relations (UARR) President Gary Pieters participated in a panel discussion that looked at Race, Health, Justice and Education in observance of the UN Designated International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, sponsored by The Council on Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA).

The Forum was the culmination of 5th Annual The Racism Free Ontario campaign – 100 day initiative, which was conducted from December 10th, 2014 to March 21st, 2015 with the goal to goal to involve the community in the fight against racism to ensure that:

  • people recognize that racism exists in Canada
  • share tools and resources to those who are affected by racism
  • support the people who fight against racism
  • create policy level changes against racism into actualized systemic changes against racism

The Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA) is an umbrella organization of agencies, groups, and individuals that provide services to the South Asian Community. CASSA envisions and strive for a Canada free of all forms of discrimination in which all communities are free from marginalization and are fully empowered to participate in defining Canada’s political, economic, social and cultural future..

During his presentation, Mr. Pieters urged members of the audience to combat bigotry and its various intersections of oppression.

He also expressed UARR support for CASSA’s campaign urging the Government of the Province of Ontario to establish an Ontario Anti-Racism Directorate.

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Citations/Quotes: Racism Free Ontario and The Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA). Photo Credits: Raafay Ali

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