UARR AGM and Community Forum on addressing Poverty in Toronto a success!

On Thursday March 19th, the UARR hosted it’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) with another “standing room only” turnout. The feature of the AGM was a community forum: “Poverty in Toronto – What are we doing about it?” The keynote address was delivered by Deputy Mayor Pam McConnell whose mandate includes creating a poverty-reducation strategy for the city of Toronto. A special thank you to featured panelists: Sharon Anderson (Put Food in the Budget), Randell Adjei (R.I.S.E Edutainment), Sharon Simpson (Good Jobs for All Coalition) and Effie Vlachoyannacos (Scadding Court Community Centre) for providing shared narratives that added value to the much needed dialogue. Thank you to Councillor McConnell for listening and engaging with the issues raised by the panelists and audience members. Below are some tweets of the occasion.

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