The Gender Wage Gap & Changing Workplaces in Ontario

A Good Jobs for All Coalition Submission:
The Gender Wage Gap & Changing Workplaces in Ontario

The Wage Gap Strategy Steering Committee

400 University Avenue, 12th Floor

Toronto, ON M7A 1T7

By email

The Good Jobs for All Coalition was formed in 2008 and brings together a broad base of more than 30 community and labour organizations in the Greater Toronto Area. We are working to develop strategies that affirm the values of a truly just society including equity, a healthy environment and decent employment.

As part of that work we seek public policies that put an end to conditions which are eroding equality in the labour market and endangering good jobs with decent working conditions, pay and benefits. Instead we seek policies that help build an economy with good jobs for all, now and for the next generation.

The current reviews of Ontario’s Employment Standards Act (2000), Labour Relations Act (1995), Pay Equity Act, and Human Rights Code are a watershed moment. They have the potential to shift Ontario away from policies that have abetted the rise in precarious and low paid employment.

All four of these laws must be seen as a whole and work together in closing the gender wage gap, and ensuring equity and a solid floor of labour rights for all.

We urge both review panels and the government itself to keep the interests of working people uppermost in their mind as they finalize their recommendations. We need everyone to muster the political will to mandate major changes in our employment and labour laws.

The Good Jobs for All Coalition supports the more detailed recommendations of a number of its member organizations including the Workers’ Action Centre, Ontario Federation of Labour and Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario. We have chosen to emphasize the 8 recommendations that follow.


for the full submission, click on the link below

GJFA Joint Submisson on Gender Wage Gap and Changing Workplaces Review



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