Women’s rights activist in Jamaica charged under Cybercrimes Act for allegedly naming sexual offenders on social media

A Jamaican women’s rights activist, Latoya Nugent, has been charged with three counts of “malicious communication” under Jamaica’s cybercrimes act for allegedly naming sexual offenders on social media.

Nugent is a co-founder of the Tambourine Army, a social justice movement working to eliminate sexual violence and protect the rights of women and children in the Caribbean.

According to the United Nations, the Caribbean has some of the highest rates of sexual assault in the world. It is estimated that one in three women have experienced sexual or physical violence, and 14-38% of women have experienced intimate partner violence at least once.

Critics of the move to prosecute Nugent are arguing she has been targeted because of her prominent activism. She has been vocally critical of the Jamaican and other Caribbean governments’ inadequate enforcement of sexually violent crimes.

The Urban Alliance on Race Relations stands in solidarity with Nugent and the Tambourine Army. We support the work of activists in the Caribbean and in Canada to address gender-based violence, and improve the justice process for survivors.

The Urban Alliance on Race Relations joins our community partners in calling for:

  1. All charges against Latoya Nugent under the Cybercrimes Act to be dropped immediately.
  2. Community members in Jamaica, Canada, and world-wide to support the work of the Tambourine Army to eradicate sexual violence.
  3. Jamaican and other Caribbean governments to address legislative and enforcement policies to ensure sexual assault perpetrators are brought to justice.

Download news release.  (PDF)

Download fact sheet.  (PDF)

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