Why have we not seen coverage of floods in South Asia?

Since August 25th.,  CBC and CTV have reported extensively about Hurricane Harvey and the impact on Houston. At last count up to 12 people (including a family of 6) may have died in the flooding. That number could rise as the waters recede.  Of course this is a human tragedy and the loss of life is devastating.

Contrast this however, with the coverage or non-converage of the overwhelming monsoon floods in Nepal, Bangladesh and India. Based on information from rescue works and government agencies the collective death toll for the 3 countries now surpasses 1200. To quote Al Jazeera “millions of people stranded by the worst such disaster in years” are struggling to cope.

One is motivated to ask an obvious question. Why is the reporting of  similar events on 2 continents receive  such un-even coverage? Is the human tragedy unfolding in South Asia of lesser consequence than that in the US South? And why are 1200 deaths of  Nepalese, Banglasdeshis and Indians being ignored or glossed over.

Our major news outlets need to examine their editorial choices. With Canada’s changing demographics it is important for them to recognize that many Canadians want to see, hear and read about those parts of the World that are part of their heritage. Let us urge them to become more inclusive and universal in their coverage of major events.

Malika Mendez,

Vice-President, Board of Directors, UARR

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