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Our latest edition of Urban Update is out! Read about the Muslim Youth Fellowship project and our statement on School Resource Officers program: UARR 2018 Spring Newsletter

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Email Doug Ford and the PC Caucus: DQ Tanya Granic Allen

As reported in the media, the Progressive Conservative potential candidate for Mississauga Centre, Tanya Granic Allen has made some inflammatory comments spreading homophobia and Islamophobia.

Please visit this site and send an email directly to Doug Ford and the PC Caucus asking to disqualify Tanya Granic Allen.

April 11 is known as The Day of Pink which is the International Day against Bullying, Discrimination, Homophobia, Transphobia, and Transmisogyny across the world. On this day let’s send the right message to our communities and make sure our province does not have representatives who work against Canada’s values of diversity and inclusion.

Unity Tour – Ottawa, Calgary, Toronto

The Urban Alliance on Race Relations and Uniting Muslims and Allies for Humanity present the #UnityTour, an events series across Canada to spark new friendships. Supported by Canadian Heritage , we seek to promote dialogue, enhance multiculturalism, and grow a strong and inclusive Canada. Join us in Ottawa (March 17), Calgary (March 24), and Toronto (May 27). Register for free at


UARR and community partners commends #TDSB Enhanced Equity Report

Jan 31th, 2018

There have been chronic systemic issues that have affected Indigenous, Black and marginalized populations of students in this province for decades. Over that time, many generations of our children have been lost in spite of communities coming forward and raising their voices asking for change.

We would like to commend the Toronto District School Board for the bold actions outlined in the Directors Response to the Enhancing Equity Taskforce Report – we believe this may start to move us in the right direction.

  • The recognition of systemic racism in the education system is important, and allows those who have been left behind to feel included in the solution.
  • The elimination of streaming is a long overdue action, and we congratulate the Board in identifying and taking leadership to stop this practice.
  • Providing human rights and anti-oppression training to all staff is incredibly important to allow teachers to gain the valuable training and understandings that will help them serve students better.
  • We also welcome increased parent and student voice and in reviewing the allocation of resources, to ensure equitable access to help those in most need.
  • We appreciate the recognition, that opportunity must be provided on an equal basis, and that those who lack access to wealth must be treated with the same dignity provided to those in wealthier areas.
  • Programs that assist students increase their success no matter where they are delivered must be continued, but additional supports to those lacking in resources should also be provided greater commitment.
  • Including Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression, Human Rights and Indigenous Educational lenses is crucial to create an educational environment and gives respect to everyone from different histories.
  • The review of policies, and system re-allocation of resources, as well as a focus on hiring practices is all critical.
  • We also appreciate the strategy for Black Student Achievement and Excellence given the historic and current disparities that exist. We believe that finding solutions that continue to affect Black students will allow us to support all children more successfully. We hope that a similar focus on Indigenous students will also occur given the intergenerational realities that exist and we understand though, that Indigenous issues will not happen in an Equity report.

We were disappointed that the recommendation to establish a Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement within the TDSB, focused upon research and generating solutions and support for Black students and their families, was not included in the Task Force Report. Given the Report’s limited attention to Anti-Black Racism, which is clearly a significant problem in the school system, we hope that you will consider incorporating the creation of this Centre into your recommendations.

Additionally, we hope that the Ministry of Education and the Anti-Racism directorate support the TDSB to get the supports needed and ensure this plan’s implementation and success.

These measures are all needed, however, we must not just write policies, but act upon them with dedication and true commitment and we look forward to working with the Board in making them a reality.

Nigel Barriffe, President – Urban Alliance on Race Relations

Nour Alideeb, Chairperson/ Président Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario/ Fédération canadienne des étudiantes et étudiants – Ontario

Bernie Farber

Yolanda McLean, President Coalition of Black Trade Unionists

Warren Salmon, President Ontario Alliance of Black School Educators

The Director’s response to the Enhanced Equity Report Recommendations

Human Rights Forum: Colonization and Systemic Racism – Pathways to Change

Date:   Thursday, December 7
Time:   7 – 9 p.m.
Location:   Bahen Centre for Info Tech, 40 St. George St, Room 1160, Adel Sedra Auditorium

Register here

Featuring Panelists:

Sylvia Maracle
Executive Director of the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres (OFIFC), and Order of Canada recipient Renu Mandhane
Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission

Brittany Andrew-Amofah
Policy and Research Manager at the Broadbent Institute and UARR Board member

Anthony Morgan
Falconers LLP

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