The Bridging Project

The Bridging Project (TBP) is a research project to determine the effectiveness of policies, procedures and programs in North Etobicoke to help with the reintegration process of previously incarcerated Somali youth.

Through one on one interviews and focus group discussions, TBP will assess the accessibility and efficacy of reintegration programs in Toronto for young women and men who self-identify as Somali Canadian. A final report will be submitted to the City of Toronto that will include findings and recommendations.

Deliverables of the project include:

  • Improve and expand accessibility and use of re-integration programs in north Etobicoke for young people in the Somali Canadian community.
  • Enhance and expand community capacity to respond to access and equity needs for Somali Canadian community in Toronto.
  • Expand Somali Canadian youth leadership development through Participatory Action Research.
  • Report recommendations and action plans that resonated with Somali Canadian community as a result of their participation throughout the process;
  • Community research participants involved in the project will demonstrate greater research and leadership skills as indicated by voluntary involvement in social justice oriented activities in their communities
  • Disseminate results through media release, both UARR and Positive Change websites, relevant stakeholders, contact lists and other social media platform;

TBP is supported by a Community Research group and a Community Advisory Committee. To get involved or learn more information, please contact Organizer/Researcher Jaafar Dirie (